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Property for Sale and Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Da Nang

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Our team collaborates with the best real estate agents and real estate service companies in Danang. Whether you want to buy a condo, a home, a beach villa, an investment property, a hotel or other, we can help you find the best opportunity. We connect buyers & investors with property owners, sellers, project developers and with the best real estate service companies in order to meet their specific needs & purchase criteria.

Da Nang has good investment opportunities to offer to buyers & investors.

At Travel Agency, we offer consulting services and we help buyer and real estate investors to find the best investment opportunities in Da Nang and Hoi An through our partners & collaborators. We help to connect buyers and sellers and we help facilitate transactions of condominiums, homes, apartment buildings, hotels, beach villas, luxury property, etc.

Danang Real Estate

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Da Nang is one of the best destination for real estate investment in Vietnam.

With the rapid development of Danang in the past few years, its tourist industry and the growing expatriate population, Da Nang is a perfect place to buy a property and/or to invest in the real estate market.

Da Nang is a beautiful city located in the center of Vietnam. It is one of the largest city in Viet Nam and one of the best vacation destination in Southeast Asia. The city has an international airport and is easily accessible from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City by plane. Foreigners are allowed to buy and own certain type of real estate in Danang. We help buyers and investors to find the best projects and opportunities in order to meet their needs and budget.

Many international tourists visit Danang every year to enjoy a beach vacation, to visit attractions, to play golf, etc. Danang has many 4 & 5 Star resorts, luxury beach villas, condo-hotel, etc.

How to invest in a Property in Danang and Vietnam ?

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Danang is one of the most popular cities in Vietnam for real estate investors, wealthy foreign buyers and retirees. There are a greater number of condominiums, beach villas, luxury properies and condo hotels available for sale to foreigners.

Because Da Nang is an amazing vacation destination for Vietnamese and internation tourists, this city is a good choice for people who wants to own an investment rental property in Vietnam.

Danang is a beachfront city with kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches. Therefore, buyers and investors can find luxury real estate on its coast where sea views are available. Also, there are condominiums, apartments and properties for sale with amazing city views on the shores of The Han River who runs through the city center.

Information & Resources regarding Real Estate investment in Danang, Vietnam

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